New Surgery Technology Students Should Know About

Surgical technologists, also called “scrubs” or “operating room technicians,” assist in surgeries under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses or other surgical personnel. Surgical technologists are members of operating room teams, which most commonly include surgeons, anesthesiologists and circulating nurses. Before an operation, surgical technologists help prepare the operating room by setting up surgical instruments and equipment, sterile drapes, and sterile solutions. They assemble both sterile and nonsterile equipment and ensure it’s working properly. Continue reading

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15 Basic Reference Books Every Surgical Technician Should Own

Anyone looking to become a surgical technician can come across many questions in their education and career. However, not everyone has the time to stop and ask the question of those who are just as busy as they are. And Google can only do so much to give timely, expert information when a life could literally be on the line. Proving that sometimes the old ways are better than the new, staying as knowledgeable as possible often means reading as much as possible.

To help achieve this, we are sharing 15 basic reference books every surgical technician should own below. They include some well heard of entries, as well as a few the average surgical tech may not know about. There are even several which are available at no cost, which can be helpful to those trying to pay for a surgical tech education.

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11 Surgery Experts Worth Knowing About

If you wanted to work with a surgeon, whom would you pick? Surgeons often lead double lives, and they can become inventors, award-winning technicians or be the first to conduct a particular surgery, such as Christiaan Neethling Barnard, a surgeon who performed the world’s first successful heart surgery. Also, some surgeons climb mountains and others report from foreign countries. This list of 11 surgery experts worth knowing includes surgeons who are interested in all the above and more. Continue reading

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Top 40 Surgical Tech Job Listing Sites

There are a number of jobs available in a variety of health care fields. One of these fields is surgical technologist. If you have a certification as a surgical tech, you can get a job at a hospital, some clinics or in other health care and medical settings. Health care professionals can usually get steady work, since people will always need to have their medical needs met. If you are looking for a better salary, a better work environment, or just a change of scene, you can look for jobs as a surgical tech. Here are 40 job listing sites that can help you in your hunt for employment:
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13 Must-See YouTube Videos of Actual Surgeries Being Performed

Anyone who has a fascination with how the body works might be mesmerized by the videos of actual surgeries on YouTube. Well-known surgeons and their technicians offer a view into a world that once was reserved for the surgeon’s eyes alone. Now, patients can learn more about upcoming surgeries through educational videos that offer insight into actual procedures. Medical students also can benefit from these 13 must-see videos of actual surgeries. Continue reading

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Top 50 Medical Research News Sites

When you are working in a health care career, it helps to have access to a number of resources related to medical research. It seems as though there are always breakthroughs happening, and interesting advances in medicine. Whether you are in school, or already working, it can be a great help to have access to medical research resources. Here are 50 medical research news sites that can keep you up to speed: Continue reading

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The Surgeon Hall of Fame: Most Influential Surgeons of the Past Decade

What does it take to be an influential surgeon in the 21st century? If you work with a surgeon, you might know what makes a certain individual stand out. The following list of surgeons contain individuals who have pioneered medical procedures, or they give lectures and/or they have become household names, thanks to television or the Internet. In all cases, they maintain a sphere of influence that is national or international, thanks to their work, their innovations and for the lives they have saved and will continue to save. Continue reading

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50 Ridiculous and Weird Facts About the Human Body

Did you know that you may not have felt real empathy until you graduated from high school? Or, that your brain is the consistency of tofu? The following 50 ridiculous and weird (but true) facts about the human body can prove how little you might know about yourself (even if you are a surgical technician). Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Famous Surgeons In History

Some of the most respected people work in the medical field. Surgeons are among those who get a great deal of respect. This is because surgery is demanding and requires specific skills. However, you don’t have to have earned an M.D. to be part of a surgical team. Surgical technicians help prepare the room, and play a vital role as part of the team. But you don’t often hear about them. You are more likely to hear about surgeons — even though surgeons themselves aren’t particularly famous. Here are 10 famous surgeons from history:

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25 Intriguing Scientific Studies About Faith, Prayer and Healing

Whether or not faith and prayer can aid in healing has been a topic of debate in the medical community for decades. Doctors have done studies on the subject, and many in the health community, from nurses to surgical technicians to countless others are interested in the results. No matter salary, education or beliefs, these studies remain fascinating. Some studies seem to show that faith and prayer can have a positive effect on healing, while others seem to show that there is no benefit at all to these types of intercessions.

It may seem strange to devote so much time to looking for the connection between faith and medicine, but there are plenty who devote their time, talents and intellect to answering such questions. Here are 25 intriguing scientific studies about faith, prayer and healing:

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