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50 Excellent Blogs to Learn About the Upcoming Healthcare Crisis | Blogging Health Careers
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50 Excellent Blogs to Learn About the Upcoming Healthcare Crisis

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Are you concerned about health care reform? Many people believe that if this topic is not tackled, the U.S. is headed toward a severe health care crisis. Some people believe that this country already is embroiled in a health care crisis that may be too large to address.

The following fifty blogs focus on issues such as health care insurance topics, Medicaid and Medicare, long-term care (LTC), the reform debate and more. These blogs are written by doctors, medical personnel, anonymous bloggers who want to protect an identity, unions, and pro- and anti-health care reform advocates. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order within each category, as this method shows our readers that we do not favor one position or blog over another. If you know about any other blogs that address the current or upcoming health care crisis, please feel free to leave a link in the comments after the article.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a major issue in the current U.S. health crisis, because few people can afford insurance outside employers who offer this benefit. Learn more about this topic through the following blogs:

  1. About: Health Insurance: Kelly Montgomery is a health policy expert who worked as a health policy analyst and consumer advocate for the American Diabetes Association in Alexandria, Va. She’s covered health insurance issues since 2005 at this blog.
  2. California Insurance Lawyer Blog: Although this blog focuses on California insurance disputes, it also addresses forefront issues in health insurance, insurance bad faith, long-term care insurance and more. This blog is offered by Kantor & Kantor LLP, Attorneys at Law.
  3. Consumer’s Health Insurance Blog: Jonathan Pletzke is a consumer who wrote a book and is writing a blog on his efforts to find affordable health insurance for his family.
  4. Healthcare-NOW! Healthcare-NOW! is an all-volunteer, highly decentralized organization with 300 very active volunteers spread all over the country. Their focus is on obtaining a single-payer, guaranteed, and universal health care system.
  5. Healthcare Soundoff: Healthcare Soundoff provides tips and ideas to get a better bang for that extra buck you will probably be paying for health insurance. Ask questions, receive answers in this two-way dialogue blog.
  6. InsureBlog: This is a plain little site that is updated constantly with information about insurance issues, principles and solutions. Contributors include insurance consultants who work for various companies.
  7. PHNP: Physicians for National Health Program is a nonprofit organization that supports single-payer national health insurance. This group has been advocating health care reform since 1987.
  8. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Katz is a past president of both the National and the California Associations of Health Underwriters and an advocate for agents and the role they play in America’s health care coverage system.

Managed Care

Managed Care is a broad term that generally refers to a system that manages the quality of health care, access to that care and the cost of that care. Managed care plans range from Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which require enrollees to select from a network of doctors, to Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), which are more specifically designed to meet a patient’s individual needs (but at a higher cost). Current issues include rising costs related to profit motives.

  1. Disease Management Care Blog: This blog provides a forum for information and insights into the world of disease management, the medical home and the chronic care model, the patient-centered medical home, informatics, pay-for-performance and other topics surrounding managed care.
  2. DMGMA Blog: This blog is about managed care in Delaware, and it is provided from the perspective of the Delaware Medical Group Management Association.
  3. HCPro Managed Care: HCPro, Inc. provides information and consulting products and services to help with health care regulation and compliance. Their blog provides articles and blog entries from this perspective.
  4. Managed Care: This section of the Business Exchange (BusinessWeek) talks about managed care issues from a business and political perspective.
  5. Managed Care Contracting & Provider Payment: Robin Fisk and the Fisk Law Office publishes this blog that addresses health care providors, practitioners, insurers and managed care companies.
  6. Managed Care Matters: Joseph Paduda is the principal of Health Strategy Associates and this is his blog on managed care for group health, workers compensation and more.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare is health care for the aged provided by a federally-administered system of health insurance available to persons aged 64 and over and to the disabled. Medicaid is the United States health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources. The current issues with both programs include a lack of funds and overspending.

  1. Care about Medicare: Use this site to learn more about the latest Medicare news.
  2. Getting Your Medicare Records in Google Health: A recent article by the Official Google Blog that informs readers on Google’s work with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaide Services in Arizona and Utah.
  3. MedicaidFrontPage (Ppb): This blog is dedicated to identifying, monitoring and communicating innovations in quality, finance and access to health care services for persons eligible for Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Programs.
  4. Medicare Part D Blog: Learn more about Medicare D from Q1Medicare.com, one of the nation’s private Internet resources for Medicare Part D information. They are operated by Q1 Group, LLC in partnership with National Insurance Markets, Inc.
  5. Medicare Supplement Center: Learn more about Medicare supplements and Medigap coverage as it applies to various states. This is a business site that is not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the Federal Medicare program.
  6. Medicare Update: Stay up to date on Medicare with Michael Apolskis, an attorney who has worked with health care providers, suppliers and companies on a variety of legal and regulatory matters, including Medicare compliance, reimbursement and enforcement matters.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care, or LTC, provides a variety of services to meet needs of people with chronic illnesses or disabilities, no matter the individual’s age. Current issues include lack of funds, which raises some demand for incentives for individuals who can save for future long-term care needs. Also, suggestions to expand Medicare to include long-term care have been considered.

  1. Advance for Long-Term Care Management: This blog and news site provides information and strategies for nursing homes, SNFs, assisted living and senior housing facilities and personnel.
  2. Blog LongTerm Care: A writer who faced the difficult decision of long-term care for an elderly loved one brings this blog to help others understand the difficulties involved in this process.
  3. Complete Long Term Care: Complete Long Term Care .com is run and maintained by LTC Global, which owns and operates a national group of Long Term Care agencies. Their blog addresses LTC issues.
  4. Elder Law Answers Blog: Harry S. Margolis practices elder law with Margolis & Bloom based in Boston, with additional offices in Framingham, Woburn and Dedham. He edits The ElderLawReport and is the founder and President of this blog site.
  5. Cancer Action Network Health Care Reform Blog: This blog is in this category as it is maintained by the Cancer Action Network, an organization concerned with all issues surrounding chronic disease and long-term care.
  6. Info Long-Term Care: Laurie Blanchard, B.A., MLS, provides a current awareness service for health care practitioners in long-term and geriatric care.
  7. Long Term Care Review: Duane Lipham, a Certified Long Term Care consultant, provides a blog that updates readers on news and opinion about long-term care treatment.
  8. Long Term Living: The LTL Blog is open to all readers interested in creating constructive discussions focusing on the long-term care industry.
  9. McKnight’s Long-Term Care News and Assisted Living: This is a business news magazine that serves the intitutional long-term care community. The news, articles and blog entries are geared toward addressing assisted living managers to help them improve operations based upon regulatory and business changes in the marketplace.

Health Care Debate

The following blogs address the current political climate surrounding health care issues today, including health care reform and possible solutions.

  1. AFL-CIO Health Care Blog: This site carries a number of resources from the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations’ perspective.
  2. DB’s Medical Rants: Dr. Centor from the Academic Hospitalist Academy offers his perspectives on current medical care, its problems and the possible solutions.
  3. EGMN: Notes from the Road: The staff of the Elsevier Global Medical Network writes this blog, which focuses on hundreds of medical meetings each year held across the U.S.
  4. Health Affairs: The staff of Health Affairs, the policy journal of the health sphere, offers opinion and information and contributing voices validate or offer contradictory opinion and information in this blog.
  5. Health Beat: Maggie Mahar, a fellow at The Century Foundation and author of Money-Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much, brings her insights to a blog that addresses various and current health care issues.
  6. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: Bob Laszewski’s review of the latest developments in federal health policy and marketplace activities in the health care financing business in Washington D.C.
  7. Health Populi: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is a health economist and management consultant who has worked with health care stakeholders for over twenty years. Jane’s projects focus on: scenario, strategic and business planning, forecasting, health policy analysis.
  8. Healthcare in America: Dr. Fisher believes that health care reform can work, but only if the costs are addressed first.
  9. Inside View on the Business of Healthcare: Corporate Research Group has been serving the managed health care marketplace for over 14 years as the industry’s leading source for breaking news, strategic intelligence, market research and custom consulting. Their latest news tackles the health care crisis.
  10. Let’s Talk Health Care: Charlie Baker, President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, started this blog to help readers stay informed about health care changes.
  11. Pharma Strategy Blog: A woman who helps market pharmaceuticals writes this blog. After seven years in the UK, her outlook has changed on the U.S. health care environment, so her perspective makes for interesting reading.
  12. Susan Shargel’s Healthcare Reform Blog: Susan started this blog to help inform her clients, other business owners and concerned citizens on health care reform issues. The focus is on small business.
  13. The Health Care Reform Debate Blog – cmhmd: This is a mysterious blog, as the writer remains anonymous. The focus is on the American Medical Association and the writer’s opinion on health care reform.

Helping Others to Address the Debate

How can average Americans address the health care crisis? The following blogs may provide some answers and support for those who have questions in this changing environment.

  1. HealthBlawg: David Harlow from The Harlow Group LLC is a health care lawyer who addresses issues facing health care providers, vendors and payors.
  2. Healthcare Law Blog: This blog focuses on healthcare law issues affecting Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.
  3. Saving Money and Surviving the Healthcare Crisis: Davis Liu, M.D. is a practicing board-certified family physician and author of the book, Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely – Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System. He shares his knowledge on how to survive the current crisis in his blog.
  4. The Future of Aging Blog: The members of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) present a blog that covers topics including the way we age in this country. They hope to inspire engagement and participation in a movement that will change current problems.
  5. The Health Care Blog: The Industry Insider stated that you can learn more [about the health care industry] in ten minutes with this blog than you can with your local paper for a week.
  6. The New Health Dialogue Blog: The posts included in this blog site address current health issues that affect patients and health care personnel. Join the dialogue to learn more and to receive answers to your questions.
  7. The Users’ Guide to the Health Reform Galaxy: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s goal is to improve health care for all Americans. Their blog addresses current health care reform in language that is easy to comprehend.
  8. The White House Blog: This link is connected to a search for “health care reform” topics within the White House blog. You can ask questions about health care reform and receive answers to those questions here.
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