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Top 50 Blogs for Healthy Eating & Nutrition | Blogging Health Careers
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Top 50 Blogs for Healthy Eating & Nutrition

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How many patients have you seen that are overweight and unfit? Bring it on home and think about how you feel about your own weight and fitness. The medical profession is stressful, and you may work long hours within environments that are not optimal. How do you handle your health?

Fortunately, you have choices. You can begin by learning about nutrition and diets, then look at options such as organic foods, vegan or vegetarian diets or even opt for raw foods if you want to go to extremes.

The following list includes the top fifty healthy eating and nutrition blogs on the Internet. The blogs are categorized, and then listed alphabetically within those categories. This method shows that we do not favor one blog over another.

Nutrition Blogs

The following blogs concentrate on basic nutrition facts and data. The bloggers include doctors, trainers, advisers, schools, clinics, industry experts and more.

  1. About: Nutrition: Shereen has a master’s degree in human nutrition and she was previously certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She now is a health and nutrition writer and a member of the American Dietetic Association. She also is co-author of Superfoods for Dummies.
  2. Balanced Health and Nutrition: Rebecca Scritchfield balances healthy living with nutrition in a blog that focuses on the latest food, nutrition and exercise information for maintaining health or for reaching a health goal.
  3. Better Living with Whole Foods: Alexander Morentin is well known in Southern California as an expert in fitness and whole foods nutrition. He is a living example of how to turn an unhealthy life into a healthy goal.
  4. Brad Pilon’s Nutrition Help: Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over seven years experience in the nutritional supplement industry. He also is the author of Eat Stop Eat.
  5. Dr. Michael R. Eades: Dr. Eades is the author of Protein Power and a health care expert in nutritional science, low carb diets and other health issues.
  6. Fresh Squeezed Living: Learn how a fitness, health and wellness coach advises busy professionals in the arts of healthy living, well-being and vitality.
  7. Integrative Nutrition Blog: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, sponsors this blog. The blog provides a platform for the writers to discuss health, healthy food and empowerment. Look for blog entries by Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Katz.
  8. Nutrition and healthy eating: This blog, provided by the Mayo Clinic, is written by Mayo Clinic nutritionists Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.
  9. Performance Nutrition Blog: This blog is a collaboration of fitness and nutrition experts located in the New England area. While most of the contributors are affiliated with existing industry businesses, they strive to provide unbiased information for health and fitness.
  10. The Nutrition Data Blog: The information in Nutrition Data’s database comes from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and is supplemented by listings provided by restaurants and food manufacturers.

Diet Blogs

If you’re seeking a diet blog, you can find hundreds of those type of blogs on the Internet. The following list is a sampling of diet and fitness blogs, communities, single dieters and a pair of men who are trying to lose weight together. This short list provides a taste of what you can find online for yourself.

  1. Daily Diet Blog: This blog covers a lot of territory, including herbal supplements, hypnotherapy, fat reduction and more. They also talk about nutrition and include health and fitness tips.
  2. Diet & Fitness: This blog, sponsored by eDiets, actually is a community for dieters who want to get in shape as well. The audience includes menand women and the information includes recipes, videos and more.
  3. Diet Blog: This blog covers body image, fast food, diet pills and much more in a blog that is easy to read. They also host a forum.
  4. Diet Tired: This blog approaches dieting with advice on how to diet. From their perspective, it takes more than eating better and more exercise to lose weight – they also tackle the feelings that come with the diet-binge cycle.
  5. Diets in Review: This blog reviews various diets, including news about how these diets failed or succeeded.
  6. Do You Have an Extra Large in This? A young woman, who calls herself Marshmallow, is on a journey to lose weight, to get fit and to fall for the occasional ice cream or two.
  7. Get Fit Slowly: J.D. Roth and Mac Smith are close friends, and they’re both fat. This blog chronicles their efforts to get thin and fit.
  8. Healthy Eating and Diet: This blog is sponsored by WebMD, and it offers nutritional information for dieters, fitness facts and food and cooking ideas for a healthy lifestyle.
  9. The Diet Naked Blog: This housewife lost over 60 pounds since she began a low-glycemic diet. The “naked” part of this site translates to transparency, honesty and “no-hiding” philosophy.
  10. The Token Fat Girl: Tipping the scales at 320 pounds, this 25-year-old woman is on a mission to lose weight and to gain a healthy lifestyle. In the process, she shares food (not literally), recipes and her struggles.

Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs

Eggs or no eggs? That’s the question…no matter if you’re a full-fledged vegan or a vegetarian on the edge, the following list includes some of the hottest blogs around:

  1. About: Vegetarian Food: Jolinda has been vegetarian for over 17 years and made the transition to a vegan diet seven years ago. She provides easy recipes, cooking tips, food and product reviews on her blog.
  2. Almost Vegetarian: A writer and a cooking school student learns how to eat without meat – sometimes. But, this blog moves forward as a predominately healthy, vegetarian food with a side order of green, healthy, and organic lifestyle topics.
  3. Eat Air – A Vegan Food Log: Chris and Darlene lead readers into voyages that include vegan restaurants, sites and recipes for stay-at-home health fiends.
  4. Get Sconed! Jess lives in Portland and is a huge fan of farmer’s markets and seasonal produce. She’s the author of StumptownVegans Podcasts and she shares her love of healthy food on her blog.
  5. Nourish Me: This Australian woman is an artist who loves fennel and who wants to grow her own fruits and vegetables. Her greatest achievement? Teaching her step-sons to love bitter greens.
  6. The Blooming Platter: A baker offers a growing collection of recipes for creative appetizers, beverages, snacks, soups, salads, sides and entrees with a tendency toward ethnic fusion dishes, lightened-up comfort foods and updated classics with a twist.
  7. Urban Vegan: Vegan life in the big city. And, this blogger is totally vegan – down to her bath scrub. Her cookbook, The Urban Vegan: 250 Simple, Sumptuous Recipes, From Street Cart Favorites to Haute Cuisine, will hit the bookstores in late 2009.
  8. Vegan Lunch Box: A stay-at-home mom, cookbook author, and blogger shares new and exciting ways to eat your vegetables. She won PETA’s Proggy Award for Blog of the Year 2005; the 2006 VegWebby Award for “Best Family Blog” from VegNews magazine; and the 6th Annual Bloggy Award for Best Food Blog.
  9. Vegan Planet: Robin Robertson has worked with food for 25 years as a chef, vegan cookbook author and a food columnist.
  10. Vegan Yum-Yum: Lolo quit her day job and is busy writing a cookbook. Although not a chef, her artistry and her vegan knowledge both go a long way in this blog – and on a Martha Stewart show as well.

Organic Blogs

You can eat organic and include meat and fish in your diet. The blogs listed below cover organic eating, but they also broach food policies and sustainable living.

  1. American Feast’s Sustainable Food Blog: Enjoy recipes, shop for foods, learn about food policies and catch up on the latest sustainable news at this blog.
  2. ChewsWise: If you want to learn more about organic and sustainable food, read this blog. Samuel Fromartz, a long time journalist, grows food, speaks at industry-sponsored events and provides factual information as well as strong opinion. Enjoy.
  3. Civil Eats: This site focuses on sustainable agriculture and food systems in an effort to build economically and socially just communities. Although this blog may appear way too serious, you also can expect humor and conversational topics as well.
  4. Eat. Drink. Better. Incredible recipes, notes about restaurants, information on what to watch for and what to embrace for a healthy and organic diet. This is a Green Options site.
  5. Home Grown: Farm Aid created this blog as a place to connect to the land and to each other. Start here to learn how to live a simpler, healthier and more “home grown” life with other people who love to eat, grow and cook good food.
  6. Organic To Be: Learn more about everything from how to eat your flowers to the answer about whether sex is better on a farm at this blog. Entertaining, educational and eye-candy pretty, this site can make you yearn for the hills.
  7. Smitten Kitchen: Start simple with a blog that presents food that is not fussy and that does not contain pretentious ingredients. Food is accessible – even organic food – and Smitten Kitchen provides a warm place to learn how to cook and eat.
  8. The Daily Table: This blog is an extension of the Sustainable Table Web site, and the focus is on local harvests, organic growing methods and community building.
  9. The Ethicurean: A freelance writer, a farmer/school lunch activist, an engineer, an activist, a nonprofit research analyst, a former newspaper reporter, a former lawyer, and a librarian all contribute to this blog, which includes something for everyone – except processed food freaks.
  10. The Green Fork: The blog is for those who want to stay on top of food policies, and the rest of the site is for research. The writers believe that ecologically sound, community-based food choices are essential to solving environmental degradation, climate instability, economic inequality and the myriad adverse health effects of industrialized food production.

Raw Food Blogs

The raw food movement is growing, and the blogs listed below show the wide range of professionals and families who have become involved in this food preparation method:

  1. Adventures of Raw Goddess Heathy: Scroll quickly through this blog to get an eyeful of gorgeous food that couldn’t possibly be raw – but it is.
  2. Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Ani’s the host of the award winning most popular uncooking show on YouTube, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Show, and is the author of internationally acclaimed best-seller Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable, Living Food Recipes.
  3. Awesome to be Rawsome: A baby boomer gets healthy and loses weight with raw foods – learn about her adventures at her blog.
  4. Choosing Raw: A book editor who currently works as a raw foods lifestyle coach blogs about her life as a faw foodist in New York City.
  5. Julie’s Raw Ambition: Julie Kalivretenos was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2003, and since then has become an advocate for raw foods. She shares her recipes, travels, restaurant experiences, culinary events, inspirations of any kind, and my amateur photography in this blog.
  6. My Raw Food Blog: This site is about becoming, maintaining, and thinking about being a “rawfoodist.”
  7. Raw Food, Right Now! Helping people go raw since 2006, RFRN is for health conscious people who are passionate about raw food. This site offers information and inspiration to help you easily bring raw foods into your lifestyle in a way that works for you.
  8. Raw Food with Jessica: Savor the photos and snatch the recipes available on this raw food blog.
  9. Rawdorable: Join a 32-year-old wife and mom who enjoys working out, preparing raw foods, spending time with my family and sharing her healthy lifestyle with others.
  10. We Like it Raw: Dhrumil Purohit is a 26 year old blogger and entrepreneur who’s all about raw food and the present moment. He leads the team in this blog and at Give it to me Raw, a community site.
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