Top 50 Surgery Blogs

A budding or practicing surgeon can learn from classes as well as from previous patients, peer-reviewed journal articles and from blogs written by talented, angry and even ‘slightly demented’ surgeons. This is why we included all the above in our list of top fifty surgery blogs below, which is categorized by various surgical procedures from bone specialties to dentistry. The blogs we chose came from the front pages of search engines as well as from links from other top surgery sites.

Each blog within the categories is listed in alphabetical order by blog title. This method shows our readers that we do not favor one blog over another. All blogs were updated within December 2009.

Various Surgical Procedures

  1. Annals of Surgical Innovation and Research: A journal-based site, you can read frequently updated open access articles on all aspects of research in surgery related disciplines.
  2. Archives of Surgery: Sponsored by the magazine of the same name, this site provides full-text articles, case of the month, a CME course, video supplements and more for those interested in all surgical methods.
  3. Dr. William Barrett’s Blog: If you want to learn the latest news about joint replacements, visit this blog provided by an orthopedic surgeon currently in practice in the Seattle, Washington, area.
  4. Images of Surgery: View photo-essays that combine description, allusion and narrative, updated monthly.
  5. Inside Surgery: Learn more about all types of surgical procedures and alternatives through this blog.
  6. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: Read peer papers, learn about industry news and network with others on this site for surgeons.
  7. Laser Eye Surgery Blog: A blog that supports anyone who wants to learn more about laser eye surgery.
  8. Naples Orthopedic Surgeon: Learn more about how to fix what’s falling apart on your body through this updated orthopedic blog.
  9. OpNotes: This blog features informal discussions about new surgical procedures, products and ideas in the operating room.
  10. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Blog: Dr. Howard J. Luks provides news and insights into a variety of joint surgeries and recovery methods.
  11. Orthopedics Blog: Dr. Cluett provides all the information you might need to learn about orthopedics and orthopedic surgery.
  12. SurgeXperiences: This blog represents the “Grand Rounds” of the surgical world, where various surgeons share their experiences.

Heart Surgery

  1. Adam’s Heart Valve Surgery Blog: Adam Pick, a former patient and auther blogs about heart valve replacement and heart valve repair.
  2. CTSNet: The Cardiothoracic Surgery Network home page contains links to a wide variety of online reading materials, including the Congenital Litarature Watch and the Annals of Thoracic Surgery.
  3. Scarlett’s Heart Blog: This blog is about a child who underwent heart surgery when she was one week old. Learn more about her experiences with Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia, also called Pulmonary Artesia VSD with MAPCAs.
  4. Science Blog Heart Surgery: This link leads to the heart surgery section at the Science Blog. Learn the latest in scientific news on this field.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  1. Dental Implant Center Blog: Learn about the latest news and perspectives on dental surgery and maxillofacial construction from this blog.
  2. Dental Implants, Oral Surgery, and Dentistry Current: Dr. Kazemi, located in Bethesda, Maryland, offers information on contemporary oral surgery techniques in this illustrated blog.
  3. Dental News & Technology Blog: Dr. Mary Jablow provides a dental blog filled with the latest dental news and technology for other dentists.
  4. Dental Professionals Blog: Learn more about oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques from this Chicago-based group of dentist bloggers.
  5. Drkam’s Blog: Dr. Kam specializes in a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. His blog discusses these topics along with illustrations.
  6. Goma Dental Clinic: Located in India, this blog provides easy-to-understand and illustrated blog entries on various oral surgery methods.

Surgeon Blogs

  1. A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure: A perspective on medical issues and other topics of interest from a general surgeon.
  2. Buckeye Surgeon: Follow the ruminations of a non-academic general surgeon who operates from the heart of the rust belt.
  3. Cut on the Dotted Line: A blogger in quest of a career as a Christian surgeon shares thoughts on that journey.
  4. High Tech Surgeon: A “simple commentary” on areas of interest to this surgeon.
  5. Other things amanzi: The thoughts of a surgeon who is located in the “notorious province” of Mpumalanga, South Africa.
  6. Reflections in a Head Mirror: Dr. Campbell, faculty member of the Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin and an expert in head and neck surgery, blogs his personal observations on this site.
  7. Respectful Insolence: The “miscellaneous ramblings” of a surgeon/scientist on “medicine, quackery, science, pseydoscience, history and pseudohistory.”
  8. Surgical Diversions: A trauma surgeon, husband and father shares his perspectives on life in this blog.
  9. Surviving RT School: This blogger’s experiences lie in medical/surgery, ICU, orthopedics and trauma among several other specialities.
  10. Suture for a Living: A plastic surgeon who resides in Little rock, Arkansas, sews up quilts as well as people in this blog.
  11. The Angry Medic: The Angry Medic is “an idiot who got into Cambridge University by virtue of his unusually attractive eyelashes.” Now, this angered medic is situated in a top London teaching hospital.
  12. Throckmorton: A blog that lays its foundation on the transparency afforded by Throckmorton’s radiographic sign. The focus is medicine, the thrust is political.

Plastic Surgery

  1. CosmeticSurg Blog: Learn more about the world of board-certified plastic surgery through this blog offered by Dr. Rodriguez.
  2. Explore Plastic Surgery: Dr. Barry Eppley leads this expedition into the world of plastic surgery and anti-aging strategies.
  3. Gastric Band and Tummy Tuck Surgery Blog: Although based in the UK and focused on surgeries in Europe, this blog sheds light on this surgery and alternatives.
  4. Paces Plastic Surgery: Enjoy a ‘before and after’ gallery as well as advice from pros in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.
  5. Plastic Surgery 101: Dr. Rob Oliver Jr. is a double board-certified plastic surgeon “armed with useless trivia and too much time on my hands…”
  6. Truth in Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. John Di Saia has blogged about cosmetic surgery for years, and he continues to write about progress in this field.

ER Docs

  1. ER Stories: A practicing emergency medicine doctor shares graphic tales from the hospital.
  2. Movin’ Meat: An ER doc and administrator shares thoughts about health, Shorin-ryu karate, general aviation, Irish music, Apple computers, and progressive politics.
  3. Ten out of Ten: This ER doc shares medical cases, jokes and more on this blog.
  4. The KnifeMan: Emergency room drama from a “man who wallows in nostalgia, and secretly wishes he were a Victorian KnifeMan.”
  5. WhiteCoat’s Call Room: A blog from inside the emergency department, spiced with some dark humor.

On the Other Side

  1. Notes of an Anesthesioboist: Voted the best literary medical blog of 2008, this anesthesioboist is a doctor armed with an oboe.
  2. Nurse Anesthetist’s Blog: Visit the world of anesthesia care providers through this blog, written by a nurse anesthetist.
  3. Occupational Therapy: Learn more about conditions at a hospital’s acute care setting from a recent male OT graduate.
  4. Seanesthesiology’s Blog: This blog, maintained by the Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants, offers a wide range of health topics for readers.
  5. The Sterile Eye: View life, death and surgery through the lens of a Norwegian medical photographer.
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