Top 50 Medical Research News Sites

When you are working in a health care career, it helps to have access to a number of resources related to medical research. It seems as though there are always breakthroughs happening, and interesting advances in medicine. Whether you are in school, or already working, it can be a great help to have access to medical research resources. Here are 50 medical research news sites that can keep you up to speed:

Consumer Sites

There are a number of medical research sites that focus on news with the consumer in mind. These sites can be useful in finding the latest headlines, and getting some analysis.

  1. WebMD: This is the granddaddy of consumer medical research news sites, offering stories about the latest research headlines.
  2. Healthline: Another great consumer site offering medical research news. A great research for summaries of the latest research.
  3. SciCentral: Offers a look at different headlines related to health science and medicine.
  4. Medical News Today: Research headlines and links to the latest studies, as well as information on devices and happenings.
  5. PhysOrg: This science web site includes a look at medical research headlines. Includes a look at medical technology.
  6. ScienceDaily: Medical research headlines for the science of human health.
  7. Considers different medical research headlines and news.
  8. Medical Device Daily: Looks at the latest research news related to medical devices and technology.
  9. medtechinsider: Updates, headlines and news on the development of medical devices, technology and more.
  10. Dr. Weil: Offers a look at different research headlines. Especially focused on natural and complementary medicine.
  11. Medical Breakthroughs: Provides access to interesting research headlines related to the latest breakthroughs in medicine and health.
  12. Research and news related to interesting new medical technology and gadget designed to make our lives healthier.
  13. BioSpace: Includes research news and information especially related to pharma.
  14. eMedicineHealth: Offers a look at research headlines, and study summaries. Includes the latest happenings.
  15. Consumer Health Digest: A look at the research news making headlines. Includes information to help you be a better health consumer.
  16. HealthScout: Offers news, headlines and more involving the latest medical research.
  17. Bio-IT  World: Medical research headlines and information. A wide range of research subjects and news from around the biology and technology fields.

Government Sites

Medical research news and information web sites offered by government organizations can be of great help. These sites are often reliable, and offer an official view of medical advancements.

  1. NIH Research Matters: Offers a weekly round up of medical research headlines from the National Institutes of Health.
  2. CDC: If you are looking for headlines, news and research, the Centers for Disease Control site is a great place to go.
  3. Health Canada: The Canadian government offers a site that allows you to find news about medical research and happenings. A great place to start if you are interested in learning more about health.
  4. National Health and Medical Research Council: Australia’s government offers this helpful look at different medical research headlines.
  5. European Commission Research: Consider the research projects of the EU, including medical and health research.
  6. Medical Research Council: This council is funded by the U.K. government, and provides helpful news headlines on the latest research.
  7. A great site that offers information on clinical trials, and medical research.
  8. World Health Organization: Includes medical research news, and other headlines related to the state of health around the world.

Universities, Clinics and Other Organizations

A number of universities and clinics offer good, reliable information about health and medicine. Additionally, there are a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations that offer medical research news. Find research updates and more on these sites.

  1. Mayo Clinic: This respected clinic offers research news and more.
  2. Johns Hopkins Medicine: Research headlines from Johns Hopkins renowned medicine program.
  3. Harvard Health: News headlines and research from Harvard.
  4. Duke Medicine Health News: Includes stories on studies, research and more.
  5. University of Utah School of Medicine: Includes research news and highlights that can provide you with interesting insight.
  6. Stanford School of Medicine: Find out about the latest medical research from Stanford and around the world.
  7. Tufts University School of Medicine: Learn more about what is happening with medical research, as well as other interesting subjects.
  8. Oxford University Medical School: Look at the research going on at Oxford, and around the world.
  9. UCL Medical School: Includes information on research and more.
  10. University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine: Offers information on research headlines at Cambridge.
  11. Kaiser Family Foundation: This non-profit organization offers helpful medical research headlines and other health news.
  12. Society for Women’s Health Research: Interesting medical research headlines and studies with a special focus on women’s health.
  13. Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research: Look at the different medical research headlines posted on this site.

Medical Research Publications

If you are looking for peer reviewed information about medical research and breakthroughs, consider visiting these sites regularly.

  1. PubMed: Access to the latest articles and studies related to medicine.
  2. Medscape: Get full access to medical research journal articles, news headlines and more.
  3. New England Journal of Medicine: Research, studies, commentary and more related to medicine and health.
  4. JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association is a great place to look when you are interested in the latest medical research news.
  5. Journal Watch: A great site that offers access to the latest medical research news from journals around the world.
  6. British Medical Journal: Articles, news and more related to the world of medical research.
  7. The Lancet: One of the premier medical journals in the world, you can read medical research news, and learn about the latest peer reviewed findings.
  8. Free Medical Journals: Find different medical research news headlines, and articles, from different journals from around the world. Free to read the latest articles.
  9. Annals of Internal Medicine: Learn about the latest medical research news related to internal medicine. Access to a great deal of interesting information.
  10. Pediatrics: As you might imagine, this medical research news site focuses on pediatric medicine.
  11. Canadian Medical Association Journal: A look at medical research, and the latest happenings and breakthroughs.
  12. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine: Interesting studies, articles and medical research news.
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