15 Basic Reference Books Every Surgical Technician Should Own

Anyone looking to become a surgical technician can come across many questions in their education and career. However, not everyone has the time to stop and ask the question of those who are just as busy as they are. And Google can only do so much to give timely, expert information when a life could literally be on the line. Proving that sometimes the old ways are better than the new, staying as knowledgeable as possible often means reading as much as possible.

To help achieve this, we are sharing 15 basic reference books every surgical technician should own below. They include some well heard of entries, as well as a few the average surgical tech may not know about. There are even several which are available at no cost, which can be helpful to those trying to pay for a surgical tech education.

Free Basic Reference Books Every Surgical Technician Should Own

  1. Anatomy of the Human Body
    As every medical student knows, “Gray’s Anatomy” is one of the first and best names in medicine and surgery. In this special section of Bartleby, they share over 1,200 engravings from the original text. With many in color, you can relive the 1918 classic the 2.0 way.
  2. The Hippocratic Oath
    The words “first do harm” resound in the minds of doctors and patients alike. In this must read entry, you can see the oath as it was and as it is now. They also have more on the history of the oath dating back to Greek times.
  3. The Germ Theory
    It wasn’t too long ago that patients died of infections and left their doctors baffled. In this free public domain book by Louis Pasteur, the theory of germs and the applications to medicine and surgery are discussed. It is part of a scientific paper series and free to read on Bartleby.
  4. A Manual of the Operations of Surgery
    Those who don’t know will be interested to learn that the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes was a man named Dr. Joseph Bell. In this free eBook, he outlines the basics of surgery for students, surgeons, and junior practitioners. The folks at Many Books even give you a host of different formats to choose from.
  5. Gray’s Anatomy for Students
    Get a modernized version of the classic text here. Three authors team up to share more on the human anatomy. There is also more for medical students on this blog.
  6. On the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery
    With Project Gutenberg offering tons of free eBooks on many subjects, click here. Simply scroll down to Volume 38 of the Harvard Classics to read more about surgery as it was. The same verse also contains topics on cardiology, vaccination, and other science.
  7. The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser
    Think how your patients think with the help of this free book. By R. V. Pierce, it is about how the health of a people is based on the prosperity of a nation. The folks at this site also have a free audio preview.
  8. Current Diagnosis and Treatment Surgery
    This is an excellent source of updated, authoritative, and concise information on diseases encountered in general surgery. It contains references linked to recent journals, a comprehensive index, and loads of informative illustrations. Get it in its 13th edition from eBooks Download, as well as a few other books on medicine.

Paid Basic Reference Books Every Surgical Technician Should Own

  1. Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist
    There are few books out there specifically for the surgical technologist, but this is one of them. The newer, fifth version meets the requirements of the revised Core Curriculum for Surgical Technologists. It contains over 95 procedures, information on equipment and supplies, and much more. Twenty-four chapters are available on everything from sutures to neurosurgery.
  2. The ABSITE Review
    If you are a surgical technician facing the American Board of Surgery’s In-Training Examination, you’ll need all the help you can get. The book’s emphasis on surgery and diseases has a relevant anatomical basis. Dr. Mark Yoffe has more on why he recommends it here.
  3. The ICU Book
    Any surgical technician looking to work even for a short period of time in the intensive care unit should check out this book. Edited by Paul Marino, it is in its third edition and well reviewed by the blogger at ICU Care Blog. They loved the book for its free flowing language that is general but with enough detail to address the issues of the ICU.
  4. Pocket Guide to the Operating Room
    Many new and experienced surgeons have recommended this book, both overseas and locally. This Australian seller tells all on the book which contains information on over 500 procedures. You can also purchase it through local book sellers.
  5. The Surgical Intern Pocket Survival Guide
    Similar to the above, this is a pocket guide for those studying surgery. However, this one was good enough to be recommended by the medical students at UCSF. There are also other book reviews on the site.
  6. Emergency War Surgery
    If planning on being a surgical technician in the military, this book is a must. It is about the management of war wounds and is filled with over 150 specially drawn illustrations. It was also reviewed at SHFT Blog, which has more.
  7. Heart Valve Surgery
    Both patients and surgical technicians will enjoy this book by a double heart surgery patient. Along with the book, there is also this blog with more on cardio-surgery.
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