Top 40 Surgical Tech Job Listing Sites

There are a number of jobs available in a variety of health care fields. One of these fields is surgical technologist. If you have a certification as a surgical tech, you can get a job at a hospital, some clinics or in other health care and medical settings. Health care professionals can usually get steady work, since people will always need to have their medical needs met. If you are looking for a better salary, a better work environment, or just a change of scene, you can look for jobs as a surgical tech. Here are 40 job listing sites that can help you in your hunt for employment:

Surgical Technologist and Medical Tech Jobs

These web sites focus on surgical technician jobs. They provide job listings, as well as helpful career advice in some cases.

  1. Association of Surgical Technologists: This professional organization features a career center on its web site. The career center includes job listings.
  2. Surgical Tech Success: You can find career help and advice, as well as job listings, on this web site.
  3. iHireMedTechs: This site is a great place to go to find surgical tech jobs, as well as other jobs aimed at medical technicians.
  4. Get Surgical Tech Jobs: You can find job openings with the help of this rather simple job search site.
  5. Medical Tech Jobs: Includes surgical tech jobs as well as med tech and lab jobs.
  6. Medical Technologist Jobs: Search for jobs in medical technology. Also includes surgical tech jobs.
  7. Medical Technologist Jobs: Career resources, hints, and job listings for a number of technologist jobs.

Medical and Health Care Jobs

Sometimes, you can find what you are looking for if you visit job boards and web sites aimed at general health care jobs. You might also be able to find jobs with out “surgical tech” titles, but that you are qualified for.

  1. Medical Workers: Check out the surgical technician jobs section of this health careers web site.
  2. Health Career Web: Includes a number of surgical tech job listings, as well as other job listings related to health care and medicine.
  3. AllHealthCareJobs: This site aims to help you find a job — no matter your health care field. Surgical techs can find openings.
  4. Absolutely Health Care: Aimed at helping you find jobs in health care. Browse jobs, and look for surgical tech openings.
  5. 50 States Staffing: This site helps you find travel health care jobs. Includes surgical technology jobs.
  6. Jobs in Hospitals: The perfect site to start at if you are looking for a hospital job. Surgical techs can find listings from across the country.
  7. Health eCareers Network: It all about using the Internet to find a job in health care and medicine. A great resource for surgical techs and others.
  8. Advance for Health Care Careers: Find job listings for a number of health care related jobs. A great place to begin a search for medical tech jobs.
  9. HealthcareRecruitment: Job site aimed at helping you find a health care job. You should be able to find surgical tech jobs as well.
  10. Med Travelers: A number of jobs related to health care. Aimed mostly at traveling health care professionals.
  11. Healthcare Jobs: The career center can help you learn more about making yourself marketable, and there are thousands of job openings, including surgical tech.
  12. HealthcareJobsite: Search jobs, including surgical tech jobs, in various health care fields.
  13. JobsInHealthcare: Find surgical tech job openings as you search through thousands of health care jobs.
  14. Med Hunting: Just what it sounds like, this site is devoted to the job hunt for health care professionals.
  15. JobJobHealth: Look for surgical tech jobs when you search thousands of available jobs on this medical job site.
  16. Hospital Jobs Online: Find jobs in various hospitals around the country. A great place to find employment.
  17. HealthcareCrossing: Employment crossing offers a job search service for health care jobs — including surgical tech jobs.

General Job Web Sites

You can also do a search of the big name — and less well known — job listing sites. Many of these sites have surgical tech listings, as well as other health care jobs.

  1. Indeed: This web site offers listings of surgical tech jobs available across the country.
  2. Simply Hired: Search surgical technologist jobs around the country, from a number of health systems.
  3. Browse different job availabilities, and look for surgical tech jobs. You can also find helpful career advice and tips.
  4. QuikLoop: Find a number of surgical technnologist opportunities.
  5. JobsRadar: Nationwide openings for a number of jobs, including surgical tech jobs.
  6. SmartHunt: Look for jobs, including surgical tech jobs. A great place to start your researches into a new job.
  7. LatPro: Diversity job fairs and a search engine that can help you find employment as a surgical tech.
  8. Job Circle: Includes a number of jobs around the U.S. You can also find surgical technologist jobs.
  9. CareerBuilder: One of the premier job search sites. You can find almost any job on this site, including surgical technician.
  10. Find some great job opportunities around the country. Includes surgical tech jobs and other health care jobs.
  11. JobMonkey: Search thousands of jobs, including a number of surgical tech jobs that can provide you with opportunities.
  12. You can look for jobs all around the country. Includes medical jobs like surgical technician.
  13. Yahoo HotJobs: Find the latest job listings. You can look for medical jobs, and surgical tech jobs.
  14. Hound: Use this job search engine to narrow your hunt to surgical tech jobs. A great way to find unadvertised jobs as well.
  15. Thousands of employers post jobs here. You can also take advantage of networking resources.
  16. Employment Guide: Find career help resources, apply for jobs, and search. Includes a section for health care jobs.
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