Every job posting asks that applicants exhibit “attention to detail” but few are as serious about that requirement as employers of surgical technicians. Assisting in surgery requires a great deal of focus and unblemished performance under pressure. There are many types of surgery, and the requirements are different for each. Orthopaedic surgery deals with bones, and the tendons and ligaments that support and move them. There are surgeons that study for years to understand the many small bones and complex connections of the foot and ankle, and others who specialize in cosmetic surgery and give skin lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures that help people achieve the appearance they desire. The sites listed below offer some of the best info available about specific niches of surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeons may set broken bones, stitch together ligaments, and even remove pieces of bone to allow the body to heal smoothly and provide the patient with pain-free mobility.

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Spine & Neurosurgery

Brain surgery requires some of the most intense focus and delicate precision of any medical procedure. Neurosurgeons will spend hours at a time carefully cutting through skin and skull to expose the tiny patch of gray matter that they actually want to operate on, and the results can save lives and open up new worlds of possibility for patients.

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Oral Surgery

Oral, dental, and maxillofacial surgeons may extract teeth, realign jaws, suture oral wounds, and generally provide treatment of injuries and preventative care for the oral and facial region. Many people only interact with an oral surgeon when they have their wisdom teeth removed, but there are many other operations that an oral surgeon can perform.


  • Warren Oral Surgery

    This New Jersey oral surgery center offers a completely computer-driven facility, with electronic records and a high-resolution CT scan that provides three-dimensional radiographic images. Their blog is all about the basics, though — education about teeth, gum, and jaw issues and how to remedy them.

  • Tahoe Oral Surgery and Implant Center Blog

    Dan Martin, DDS, provides a full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. He still finds time to educate readers about dental implants, surgery, and procedures on his website and through Twitter and Facebook.

  • Oral Surgery of Utah

    This oral and maxillofacial surgery center in Utah provides information on everything you might want to know about taking care of your teeth, and how to remedy issues that arise from disorders, injury, or aging. They tackle topics you might not hear about from other oral surgeons.

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Blog

    Mark S. Hoffrichter, DDS, offers a wide range of oral and facial surgeries that can rectify small issues and larger traumas. His site offers information that can help anyone learn about these topics, and he’s especially detailed with his after-care instructions.

  • Fallon Oral Surgery

    The team at Fallon Oral Surgery of Syracuse has a great site, filled with information about oral surgery, resources, and information for patients. The blog is focused on how changes and news in oral surgery can affect patients and patient care alike.

  • The Dental Surgery

    Although based in the UK, this dental surgery blog focuses on much the same dental health issues as any oral surgeon in the U.S. The blog, however, has some topics that may not cross the U.S. oral surgeon’s radar just yet…like dental tattoos.

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Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle surgeons can be a great blessing for athletes who tear their Achilles tendon or injure another part of their foot that is crucial for mobility. Because of the delicate nature of many of the small bones in feet and ankles, these surgeons often use sanitized medical screws, wire, and metal plates to fasten bones together while the tendons and ligaments heal around them.


  • Minnesota Ankle and Foot Blog

    Dr. Lance Silverman is all about ankles and feet and orthopaedic surgery in Minneapolis. With this intense focus, Dr. Silverman can answer many questions from Achilles Tendon to toe injuries in his blog.

  • Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center

    This group specializes in sports medicine, reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, diabetic care and lower extremity wound care. Their site shares a blog, patient stories, and a passionate involvement in their Ohio community.

  • Bunion Survivor.com

    If you’ve ever suffered from bunions, you know that bunion removal sounds divine — but are you willing to put up with the pain and recovery? This site goes into detail about what to expect and how to win the battle over your bunions.

  • Austin Foot and Ankle Injury Blog

    If you’re having foot or ankle problems, consider this site and its blog a primary resource for answers to your questions about treatment and recovery. Although located in Austin, Texas, this group’s blog contains up-to-date information that can help anyone.

  • Tanglewood Foot Specialists Foot Surgery Blog

    Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston provides Houston residents with answers for sports podiatry, diabetic foot care, and the treatment of foot pain and foot injuries. Their blog answers questions for anyone around the world on these same issues.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery may be controversial in some crowds, but there is no doubting its popularity. Plastic surgeons that can help customers shed pounds and years and gain new curves and youthful looks through various procedures are in high demand.


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