Health Administration Degrees

Health administration concerns the management of healthcare systems. Healthcare administrators serve as personnel managers, create and analyze budgets, provide strategic oversight, and ensure that the facility is following all government regulations.

The career opportunities in the field of health administration are numerous. Medical facilities of all sizes require a business manager to run the day-to-day operations of the site. Depending on the nature of the facility, the health administrator is responsible for making the operation run smoothly and professionally. Health administrators may work in small medical offices, where they are responsible for all billing, scheduling, ordering, and managing of office staff. Health administrators in larger hospitals are much more specialized, and can work in a variety of fields, including IT, accounting, marketing, operations, and physical plant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that this field will maintain steady growth over the next several years.

Health administration degree programs are normally found at the bachelor and master’s level. Coursework at the bachelor’s level includes classes in management, finance, human resources, and information systems. Master’s programs often provide more training and feature curriculums that focus on advanced topics including ethics, legal, and self-directed research.

Degrees in Health Administration

Online Surgical Technician Degree Programs

Kaplan University Kaplan University — Apply for this school's associate degree in Health Sciences: Surgical Technologist to achieve a strong foundation in surgical technology. This course is ideal for a fast and flexible solution to your online degree as you earn an entry-level education that concentrates on helping students acquire knowledge and develop skills in performing laboratory, clinical, and medical office procedures. Kaplan also offers degrees in Medical Assisting and Health Science. Click Here
Adventist University of Health Sciences Adventist University of Health Sciences — Adventist University of Health Sciences (formerly Florida Hospital College) has an program for a BS degree in radiological sciences that is online-based and accredited. This program offers medical imaging technologists and radiologic technicians the opportunity to learn more skills to advance their careers in the healthcare field. This degree helps graduates prepare for the fast-paced and quickly adapting environment of medical imaging clinics and hospitals.

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