Top 10 Resources to Find Surgical Tech Jobs

For many students, the best career choice is one in which it is possible to find a job. According to reports, this field is growing faster than average, so you should be able to find a job no matter where in the United States you want to live. Here are the top ten resources to help you with the job hunting after you graduate:

  1. Association of Surgical Technologists: This organization not only provides information about education, certification, and industry events, but they also have a job board available for members who are moving or looking for a new employer.
  2. Your college: Most surgical tech programs have career service centers for students who don’t find jobs immediately upon graduation. They can help you find job leads, as well as edit your resume, review your cover letter, and teach you interviewing skills.
  3. This website has a job search tool specifically for surgical techs looking for a job. You can search for free by keyword or location.
  4. Medhunters: The Medhunters job search tool allows you to find jobs in any Allied Health field. They often have numerous listings for surgical techs on their job boards.
  5. Believe it or not, many hospitals are beginning to turn to Craig’s List to help fill empty positions. Remember to read the site’s guidelines for preventing scams, as some listings could be phoney, but don’t be afraid to use this tool to find a job!
  6. Social Networking Sites: Sometimes, you just have to network with others to find job openings in the surgical tech field. Join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites and announce to your friends/followers that you’re looking for a surgical tech job in your area. People will keep theirs eyes and ears open for you.
  7. Your Newspaper: Although we’re often tempted to do all of our job searching online, don’t forget that many medical facilities still use the Classified Ads in their local newspapers to advertise open positions. Often, you’ll miss the best jobs available if you don’t consider traditional print media resources.
  8. Facility Websites: If you’re interested in working for a certain facility local to your area, check their website. Many hospitals, clinics, and other facilities advertise jobs minimally on other sites and instead just post a call for applications on their own site.
  9. Traditional Online Job Sites: Don’t forget to search for jobs with the keyword phrase “Surgical Tech” on sites like Indeed and Monster. Traditionally job search sites aren’t specific to surgical techs or even the medical field in general, but they can provide you with great leads.
  10. Professionals in the Field: Stay connected with fellow students, teachers, and others you know in the surgical tech field. You can also network through professional organizations and community groups. People in the business are often the first to hear of job openings.

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a job in any field, surgical techs are in high demand across the country and are projected to be in high demand for many years to come. Finding a job is easy by using the above resources.

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